Aden Solway
Installation View of “Pap Economy”



Glass (Depression Glass), enameled porcelain, powder-coated steel, cast aluminum, modified pendulum (aluminum), walnut, Canadian maple leaves, Canadian maple, amber lacquer, plastic disposable wine glass (sourced from various openings), plastic disposable champagne flute (sourced from Sullivan Gallery), plastic disposable cup (unknown origin), ancient bronze pellets, glass maple syrup container (of American provenance), glass maple syrup container (of Canadian provenance), aluminum can, MDF, plexiglass, Formica laminate, concrete, french paper, silver plated coins (Euro coins, Canadian coins, American coins), extruded glass, argon, silicon coated wire, nutmeg.
5 ft. x 6 ft x 3.5 ft. (approx.)

. . . 

A proposal to entertain (in the garden)