Aden Solway
“Zhyd” and “Internal Geometry” 


Jerusalem stone, MDF, Prussian blue pigment, clay, beet skin.
4 ft. x 1.5 ft. x 1 ft.

(continued...) A proposal to remake that which was destroyed. 

Internal Geometry
Copper, Hydrogen cyanide (inert).
12 in. x 12 in. x 1 in.

This raw copper was extracted from Israel’s Timna Valley mines, in continuous operation

since the 14th Century BCE and borrows its form from the internal structure of the Star of David.

The surface of the hexagon is coated with inert Hydrogen cyanide, a colorless, extremely poisonous liquid derived by destabilizing the chemical structure of Prussian Blue pigment, produced on a mass scale from the pulp of Central European sugar beets.

Internal Geometry was used during the six-hour performance “Sermon” (2016), examining a melange of subjects: the sensationalization of tragedy within museum institutions; ‘visual othering’, namely the inequitable representation of Semites in Eastern European art; the manufacturer of Zyklon B (the chemical agent used in the mass-genocide of the European Jewry); and the pursuit of hygiene in Semitic tradition.